If you live, work, or study in Pasadena, you can get $220 off the price of a folding bike. The deal is simple: ride your folding bike and connect with transit at least twice a week, and you get your voucher.
Commuters may qualify for
$220 off the price of a bike.
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About The Program

The City of Pasadena and Metro developed a new and exciting folding bike subsidy program “FoldnGo Pasadena,” which provides generous price discounts to transit riders to purchase a folding bike to ride to bus and/or rail stops in Pasadena.

Those who live, work, or study in the City of Pasadena are eligible to participate in the program. A major goal of FoldnGo is to help motivate commuters to use “small footprint” bicycles rather than automobiles as their connections to transit.

Cyclists typically have a level of fitness equivalent to being 10 years younger.
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Why Get Involved?

Getting out of cars and onto bikes, trains and buses is good for the air, it's good for riders' health and it relieves traffic congestion.

FoldnGo is aimed at people who want to use bikes to get to school and work more easily connecting to transit. Cycling regularly to work has been shown to be the most effective thing an individual can do to improve health and increase longevity.
A folding bike can easily and quickly be folded into a carrying package for storage under bus or train seats, and can fit into a locker or under a desk at work.

Who is this for?

You can get a voucher for $220 off a folding bike if you are a resident of the city of Pasadena, commute to the city for work, or study at one of Pasadena's colleges. The deal is simple: ride your folding bike and connect with transit at least twice a week, and you get your voucher.

Employees and Employers
If you've got a company based in Pasadena, this is a real benefit you can offer your employees. FoldnGo Pasadena might help employers meet certain rules in the South Coast Air Quality Management District and the city itself, for example meeting Pasadena Municipal Code ยง10.64.020.

So, in addition to healthier employees, and decreasing Pasadena's traffic and parking congestion, you can help contribute to cleaner air in Southern California. For details on how to purchase in bulk for your employees, Contact Us.

College Students
College students will save money (and stress!) on parking fees and get healthy at the same time by connecting with transit and biking to class.
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