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2 years ago

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FoldnGo voucher recipients agree to Like the FoldnGo Facebook Page and check-in as often as possible while commuting with their folding bicycles.
The cyclist with the most check-in's (with pictures) each month will win a valuable FoldnGo reward!
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What kind of bikes?
Dahon. They're pretty sweet.
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Checking in on Facebook = Cool Prizes

Checking in on Facebook = Cool Prizes

Well, we've started something! The FoldNGo riders are folding and going all over Pasadena. Pictured here, is Denis K with his folding bike boarding Metro, exactly as nature intended. To see other cool cats riding folding bikes, watch this video. Remember, the rider with the most check-ins on Facebook wins cool prizes, including this neat helmet, and a $50 gift card for use at InCycle, our exclusive FoldNGo retailer.
What is your car costing you
Did you know that your daily car commute is costing you about $9,000 per year?
Look at our gang
We want you to look as young as possible, and judging by the way you tuck your pants into your socks on a bike ride, well...
Take back those 10 days
Los Angeles commuters lose about 70 hours per person per year sitting in traffic — that's the equivalent of nearly ten days!
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